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PDO Thread Lift

Poly-di-oxanone is a safe dissolvable and absorbable material commonly used as an implant in procedures like cardiac surgery. This material is used for our PDO Thread Lift treatment to lift and increase the volume of the skin. As it is dissolves, it stimulates the body's production of natural collagen. It's absorbed by the skin within 3-6 months and it does not leave any scars behind. Typical areas for treatment include: the Face, Lips, Eyebrow, Marionette Lines, Jowls, Cheeks, Neck, Decollete, Breasts, Buttocks, Elbows and Knees.

As we age, our face's natural youthful "V-Shape" begins to invert as the skin loses its collagen and structural fat layers. The sagging nature of the aging facial structures cause the V-Shape to become inverted (^).  The PDO Threads procedure's intent is to restore the youthful "V-Shape" of the face by lifting and correcting areas of loose skin.

Dr. Bazzi uses NovaThread as the provider of these PDO sutures.  Multiple treatment areas can be addressed with this non-surgical procedure within an hour yielding a 'natural look'.