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Men's Health

Testosterone:    Men, like women, are susceptible to a drop in hormone production due to the aging process. In men, testosterone levels drop 1 to 2% per year after the age of 30.  This process is referred to as andropause.  Millions of men in the United States suffer from low testosterone, or “low T.” The normal range for testosterone is 300–1000 ng/dL, and sub-optimal levels can lead to symptoms such as:

  • Loss of libido
  • Erectile issues
  • Lack of energy
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Increased body fat
  • Problems with mood
  • Problems with cognitive function
  • Decreased motivation and stamina
  • Problems with cardiovascular health

Testosterone is not the only player in men’s health. A variety of factors can contribute to this slow downward trend in strength and energy. These include:

  • High Estrogen - Results in weight gain, increased chest and belly fat, hot flashes, night sweats & excessive need to urinate (BPH)
  • High Cortisol - Results in insomnia, anxiety, sugar cravings, feeling tired but wired & increased belly fat
  • Low Cortisol - Causes chronic fatigue, low energy, food and sugar cravings, poor exercise tolerance or recovery & low immune reserves
  • Thyroid Imbalance - This condition is commonly missed in men and may often mimic symptoms of low testosterone.
  • Cardio-Metabolic Issues - This includes high blood pressure and diabetes, and may mimic some symptoms of low testosterone – like fatigue or erectile dysfunction.
  • High DHT- Results in excessive need to urinate (BPH), hair loss, acne

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Doctor Limthong works with ZRT labs to test and analyze hormones.  ZRT provides several simple analysis test kits from which the laboratory will determine the most accurate results.    Based on this analysis, Doctor Limthong generates a treatment plan to deliver the most meaningful results to his clients.    


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