Acoustic Shock Wave Therapy

High energy radial shockwaves have been scientifically proven to have a large impact on collagen structure and the skin connective tissue, improving blood circulation.    The acoustic shock wave therapy stimulates collagen formation, while the skin becomes more elastic and its firmness is visible after only a few treatments.

Thanks to the ZWave radial shockwave unit, it is also possible to significantly improve skin firmness, skin elasticity and collagen regeneration.  Typical application are areas with cellulite, connective tissue weakness (upper arm, underbelly, etc.) and stretch marks.    Non-invasive | Pain-free | No downtime | Visible results    60 minute treatment

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SilkPeel DermalInfustion Treatment

DermalInfusion is an advanced skin-resurfacing treatment that combines exfoliation, extraction, and infusion of condition-specific serums to improve skin health, function and appearance.

A patented, non-invasive treatment, DermalInfusion is fully customizable and the perfect solution to address a wide variety of skin concerns and conditions from head-to-toe and is suitable for all skin types and tones.

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Color and Light Therapy

BIOPTRON devices are medical devices used under professional conditions at hospitals, specialist institutions, wellness and sports centers. As medical experts and others rely more and more on a holistic approach to preventive health care and treatments, BIOPTRON Light Therapy is found to be a welcome new addition to this field.  BIOPTRON Light Therapy can be used as a complementary treatment for the following indications:  Promotion of wound healing, the relief of pain or decrease of its intensity, dermatological disorders and skin problems, physiotherapy, pediatrics and Seasonal Affective Disorders. 

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Energy Balancing Therapy

At the heart of all Life Resonance activities is daily energy care without which sustained health and vitality are unthinkable today.

Life Resonance is based on the realization that harmonic energies, mental well being and a pleasing, light physical feeling are not the result of chance events, but that overall well being and personal appeal are proof of a balanced flow of energy.

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